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With ten enriching years in the design arena, I've melded my expertise in Human-Centered Design, UX/UI, and Graphic Design to forge end-to-end product experiences — from budding concepts to polished launches. My knack for transforming abstract ideas into tangible wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes ensures user-friendly interfaces across various devices.

My start as a Graphic Designer enriched my portfolio with a spectrum of creations, from compelling marketing collateral and motion graphics to distinct logos. My analytical acumen drives me to research market trends, user needs, and industry best practices. With this data in hand, I refine my designs to be insightful, innovative, and informed.

Collaboration is key. Working across functions with Product Managers, Engineers, and UX Researchers, I've bridged visions and expertise. My role often extends as a trusted advisor, championing designs and building consensus across diverse teams.

Beyond my day-to-day, I'm an entrepreneur at heart. My passion project, APIWho.Design, celebrates Asian and Pacific Islander creatives in the design sphere. It's a testament to my commitment to spotlighting the API community's talents and fostering a space for networking and collective growth.

Beyond the screen, I’m a proud dog-dad to four beautiful (large) dogs who fill my days with joy and energy. We often embark on adventures, providing a delightful balance to my design-driven life.

"Your most genuine self is the foundation of all great designs. Embrace it, and let the world see your true colors."

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